Myth Busting – 5 facts about Bir Tawil

Myth Busting – 5 facts about Bir Tawil

Before we traveled to Bir Tawil, and like most people we simply took as fact everything Al Gores internet had told us about the place.

Alas truth usually is more interesting than fiction. Here’s 5 quick myth busting facts to educate you on the situation in Bir Tawil

5) Does anyone live in Bir Tawil?

People on their way to Bir Tawil

People live, and indeed work in Bir Tawil. It is run by the Ababda tribe, with workers coming from as far afield as Darfur to earn a crust mining.

4) Bir Tawil is the only unclaimed place on earth!

Bir Tawil

There’s a few other unclaimed bits of earth. There’s also all manner of quirky internet folk, such as “King Heaton” who claim the place. There’s also well armed locals who says it’s theirs. We believe them.

3) There’s no settlements in Bir Tawil

Restaurant in Bir Tawil

There’s a fairly big settlement, called, well Bir Tawil. We nicknamed it Bir Tawil Town. Not to be confused with “Mad Max Town”, which sits near the border of Bir Tawil. The town has restaurants, shops, and satellite phones. Not much else though.

2) Can you claim Bir Tawil?

Flag in Bir Tawil

Sadly the days of planting a flag and telling the locals what to do have gone. You are of course welcome to try and claim the place, it just might not go all that well.

1) No one goes to Bir Tawil

Princess if Bir Tawil

Ok the roads are not exactly great, and you will need a 4×4, but there are roads to and in Bir Tawil. There’s also a ton of people passing through here. I guess we saw at least one car per hour. Ok it’s not rush hour in Saigon, but it’s not the moon either.

Like always the truth is much more intriguing than the fiction

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