Meroe to Bir Tawil (day 3)

Meroe to Bir Tawil (day 3)

Stopping in Meroe necesitares a full day of driving on day 3 as you move further towards Bir Tawil.

Stopping in Meroe

Heading north you head from the City of Ad Damir, with us opting to stop for lunch and street food in the town of Barbar. Street food in Barbar is a thing!

We carried on north for a few more hours before doing a final stop at around sunset to top up on drinks, and pick up our local guide in Abu Hamed.

Despite what you may have read, you cannot simply just rock up to Bir Tawil. You need permission from the tribe that actually run the region (not the people that claim it online). And they do not welcome people trying to claim their land….

Abu Hamed is a cool little town, with a few hotels, and decent restaurants, but it’s hardly a Metropilis. It is though the last major settlement before you get to Bir Tawil, so you will need to make a stop here.

We camped 2 hours, or so north of Abu Hamed, right in time for a bit of a sandstorm! Weather conditions can change quickly in Sudan, so this needs to be kept in mind.

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