Leaving Bir Tawil (day 6)

Leaving Bir Tawil (day 6)

I’ll go into much more details about the meeting we had on our last morning in Bir Tawil in later posts, but I’ll summarise a bit.

The Ababda tribe consider Bir Tawil to be their land, and they take this very very seriously. During our discussion they asked me personally if I’d been to Sudan before, because a “silly man” had come in 2014 and written “nonsense online”. They were referring to Mr Heaton, and the Kingdom of North Sudan. After explaining we had nothing to do with them, they simply asked us to spread the word that they do not welcome colonialists claiming their land. I’m now keeping up my side of the bargain….

Sunrise in Bir Tawil
Sunrise in Bir Tawil

Confusion out of the way and we were thus invited to Bir Tawil Town for the chiefs to kill us a goat, fill up on gas, and generally hang out.

Photo with the Tribal Leaders of the Ababda
Photos with the tribal leaders of the Ababda

Our time in Bir Tawil ended up with us eating some really good goat, playing with guns, and having photos with the tribe. Surreal, but a perfect finish to our stay in Bir Tawil.

Playing with guns in Bir Tawil
Playing with guns in Bir Tawil!

We then began the long journey back to Abu Hamed, vía a stop in Mad Max Town.

Curried Goat in Bir Tawil
Curried goat in Bir Tawil

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