Images of Bir Tawil

Images of Bir Tawil

Some of the images from our recent trip to Bir Tawil have been posted on Facebook, and via other media, but I’ve tried to find a few unique ones.

All of our photos are owned by us, and may only be used with our express permission. If you’re claiming Bir Tawil from your living room, please don’t use our pictures.

The GPS for our camp ground in Bir Tawil
The GPS for our camp ground on our second night in Bir Tawil

Not the most interesting of pictures, but hey it’s proof that we went to Bir Tawil.

The awesome sunrise in Bir Tawil
Sunrise in Bir Tawil

I took this on our last night camping in Bir Tawil, about 10 minutes drive from the main settlement.

Mad Max Town
Mad Max Town

We took this at the last major settlement before entering Bir Tawil

The Greenery of Wadi Tawil
Wadi Tawil

The greenery of Wadi Tawil before we carried on to Bir Tawil proper. Yes

Lunch in Bir Tawil
Lunch in Bir Tawil

We had lunch in the settlement in Bir Tawil, french fried were a very welcome addition!

The Islandian Flag in Bir Tawil
Flag in Bir Tawil

We came, we saw, we did not claim. It was cool to plant our flag though.

sunset in bir tawil
Sunset in Bir Tawil

Our first sunset in Bir Tawil. It was a lot less barren than we had expected.

our camp in Bir Tawil

Our camp on our first night in Bir Tawil was perfect! And as always came with a great meal from our Sudanese partners.

entering bir tawil
Entering Bir Tawil

A great shot of our vehicles just after we passed the “border” of Sudan proper and Bir Tawil.

pit stop in bir tawil
Pit stop in Bir Tawil

We had 3 vehicles at this point, but took regular stops for photos and to hang out with the group.

looking out into wadi tawil
Looking out into Wadi Tawil

One of our group looking out into Wadi Tawil (wetlands).

So, there’s a few of our pictures from Bir Tawil, i still have to get the main ones from my GoPro. A truly epic journey.

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