Exploring Bir Tawil (day 5)

Exploring Bir Tawil (day 5)

Despite what the online world will have you believe, Bir Tawil is not unpopulated, and it has roads (of a sort) that are marked and make it easy enough to explore.

Our first stop was at a place called Wadi Tawil, a surprisingly lush area of greenery that is allegedly a lake in the rainy season.

Greenery in Wadi Tawil
Wadi Tawil

We then stopped at a small gold mine, before heading off to find somewhere to plant the flag of Islandia.

Mine in Bir Tawil
Mine in Bir Tawil

I’ll start by adding a caveat here, we had no intention of trying to seriously claim Bir Tawil (unlike the others). It was viewed simply as a good photo opportunity. Alarmingly the group have since had contacts with the Kingdom of North Sudan, who are not tongue in cheek at all about their claim. They even claimed the group should have asked “King Heatons” permission before travelling there….luckily we had the permission of the people who actually live in Bir Tawil.

Flag of Islandia in Bir Tawil
The flag of Islandia in Bir Tawil

Again, contrary to popular online opinion Bir Tawil has not only a population, but also settlements. We christened the main town Bir Tawil town, although the locals just call it Bir Tawil.

This is mining country, and the settlement consisted of restaurants, small stores, and even a satellite phone station. A great place for lunch, and indeed dinner.

Lunch in bir Tawil
Lunch in Bir Tawil Town

Night 2 was spend at a ground about 20 minutes from Bir Tawil Town, with zero light pollution probably giving us our best view of the stars so far.

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