How to Claim Bir Tawil

How to Claim Bir Tawil

On November 1st a total group of 10 people, including 4 members of the Let’s Buy An Island project will arrive in Khartoum to begin an adventure to one of the only unclaimed pieces of land on the planet, Bir Tawil.

Bir Tawil - the unclaimed land

The tale of Bir Tawil is an interesting one, with it first being claimed as the Kingdom of North Sudan on 2014, before a rival Russian claimant planted a Russian flag, and began trolling the Kingdom of North Sudan. You can read about the Battle of Bir Tawil here, or about the many other claimants here.

The funny thing though about most claimants is that apart from the aforementioned 2, most of the “claimants” to Bir Tawil have not actually bothered to go there. For this point at least, we shall be different.

And how to claim Bir Tawil? Form seems to be to just show up and plant a flag, but we at least plan to continue visiting, whilst exploring possibilities about how to actually develop something. But of course it all depends greatly how tongue in cheek you want to be (we are very)!

We’re also not against sharing, so this is an open invitation to King Heaton and North Sudan, is Bir Tawl big enough for the both of us?

Follow our journey to the last piece of land in the world that no one wants. If nothing else we offer adventure, topped up with the tongue in cheek charm that has made us buying an island possible.

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