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mounted the flag of islandia in bir tawil
Exploring Bir Tawil (day 5)
Despite what the online world will have you believe, Bir Tawil is not unpopulated, and it has roads (of a sort) that are marked and make it easy enough to explore. Our first stop was at a place called Wadi Tawil, a surprisingly lush area of greenery that is allegedly a lake in the rainy
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The Road to Bir Tawil
Abu Hamed to Bir Tawil (day 4)
Abu Hamed is the last major settlement in northern Sudan, so an essential stop for supplies before the drive to Bir Tawil, so a great place for supplies. We’d actually camped two hours north of Abu Hamed, so in theory at least it should have been about 6 hours before we reached Bir Tawil. In
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Stopping in Meroe
Meroe to Bir Tawil (day 3)
Stopping in Meroe necesitares a full day of driving on day 3 as you move further towards Bir Tawil. Heading north you head from the City of Ad Damir, with us opting to stop for lunch and street food in the town of Barbar. Street food in Barbar is a thing! We carried on north
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vehicle to Bir Tawil
Khartoum to Meroe (day 2)
Like any journey that involves cars and distance, how far you decide to drive is essentially down to you. From our point of view breaking the journey by camping by pyramids makes a lot of sense. From Khartoum to Meroe takes about 5, or so hours with us breaking up the journey in Shendi. Apparently
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getting to bir tawil
Best way to get to Bir Tawil (Day 1)
There are basically two options to get to Bir Tawil, vía Egypt, and unsurprisingly via Sudan. Due to the fact we were doing a tour in a Sudan and that was where our partners are, we went down this route. Flight wise Khartoum is also nearer than Cairo (although hardly a flight hub). There are
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Bir Tawil
How to Claim Bir Tawil
On November 1st a total group of 10 people, including 4 members of the Let’s Buy An Island project will arrive in Khartoum to begin an adventure to one of the only unclaimed pieces of land on the planet, Bir Tawil. The tale of Bir Tawil is an interesting one, with it first being claimed
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