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looking at the wadil tawil
Myth Busting – 5 facts about Bir Tawil
Before we traveled to Bir Tawil, and like most people we simply took as fact everything Al Gores internet had told us about the place. Alas truth usually is more interesting than fiction. Here’s 5 quick myth busting facts to educate you on the situation in Bir Tawil 5) Does anyone live in Bir Tawil?
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our transport services to bir tawil
The Ababda Emirati
Before entering Bir Tawil we picked up our local guide, a member of the Ababda tribe, and officially at least our fixer. We then headed north from Abu Hamed and into the unknown. Our guide was a member of the Ababda tribe, a people we were to meet in greater numbers, and learn a lot
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Back to Khartoum Plaza Hotel
Day 7 and In Conclusion
We had camped near Abu Hamed, which meant we still had a lot of driving to do (as well as fix one of the cars). Our journey followed the same route we’d taken north, but due south. We eventually arrived back in Khartoum at about 7pm (it had been a long day), from where we
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sunrise in bir tawil
Images of Bir Tawil
Some of the images from our recent trip to Bir Tawil have been posted on Facebook, and via other media, but I’ve tried to find a few unique ones. All of our photos are owned by us, and may only be used with our express permission. If you’re claiming Bir Tawil from your living room,
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people we meet in bir tawil
Myth busting – Bir Tawil is Not Uninhabited
According to none other than Wikipedia, as well as the many claimants to Bir Tawil the area is not only unclaimed, but also uninhabited. The situation on the ground, as we were to find out was somewhat different. Let’s start with the myth that Bir Tawil is “unclaimed”. In some respects this is true, in
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wadi tawil
Leaving Bir Tawil (day 6)
I’ll go into much more details about the meeting we had on our last morning in Bir Tawil in later posts, but I’ll summarise a bit. The Ababda tribe consider Bir Tawil to be their land, and they take this very very seriously. During our discussion they asked me personally if I’d been to Sudan
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